Regime Disbanding Post

Blackdragun a posted Mar 20, 14

Regime was a guild full of potentional, and it all started in ToT. We managed to get all the 13 bosses down on heroic, maybe not 25, but at least we did in 10 man. When siege of ogrimmar was released, we quickly started progressing through heroic and ended up as realm top 10 guild. When WoD was released we yet again managed to do well in highmaul mythic being top 10 again. But this is where our problems started. A lot of people had to stop playing because of school, work, education or just straight up personal reasons. We managed to replace the people leaving and kept on going, but it was so close to Blackrock Foundry release that we really didnt have time to kill the last boss.

When Blackrock Foundry released, another bunch decided to quit WoW, to play other games, real life issues, pretty much everything stated above. This is where it really started to become a pain to get new players. Other guilds who had stable rosters managed to get mythic kills and we ended up falling further and further behind on progress, which literally made us non interesting for players who were looking for guilds.

Regime has now come to the point where there is literally no point of continuing, mainly because our problem starts to accelerate even quicker. We've tried our best to keep the guild going by recruiting new players, and we tried to keep the raids going. Well as many of you could see, it kept going shit and we completely lost interest in raiding. So as the current GM of Regime I am officially disbanding Regime.

So as a reminder of who we used to be, I would like to post this video as a tribute to the guild.

 Thank you for your service and I wish you the very best of luck. Regards Blackdragun